Message from the President of the Federation of Gymnastics of Portugal

João Paulo Rocha  

The 8th National Gymnastics Congress / 6th international will take place in 2020 at a very particular moment in the lives of all participants. The circumstance of restrictions imposed by the pandemic COVID-19 forced us to reinvent ourselves in many aspects of our personal and professional activity and the organization of this Congress is a good example of this.


We opted for a mixed face-to-face / online format that can be converted to fully online if the health situation in the country so requires.


The fact that most of the work of the Congress is conducted by videoconference is, on the one hand, limiting the richness of the interaction, but on the other, it provides the participation of many speakers of great international value who, in a fully face-to-face format, would be extremely difficult or impossible. It is also a format that enables massive participation by all stakeholders, broken down by the logistical / financial barriers associated with traditional / face-to-face participation.


In adversity opportunities arise and this is an evident case of opportunities that open up not in a forced adaptation to a pandemic context, but also to times when such conditions do not exist.


I wish you all an excellent Gymnastics Congress in 2020. May it be an engine of individual and collective progress, which is the first and last sense of your existence.

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